Orphans of The Light

Session Four: The Place

The characters arrive at "the place" – a large cavern hidden in the deepest sections of the Old Zan Hills canyon range. It is a refuge for those hoping to avoid both the Hutts and the Empire.

The cavern is immense. Around twenty ships are parked here, with a tent city erected on the back half of the space.  It is lead by a Kel Donn named Cha Ffo. With Yil Ekbo vouching for them, Ffo is wary but accepting. His second in command, Kena Tche'vu is even more suspicious, but she's a Bothan so nobody is particularly surprised by this. Kena takes an interest in Zaam, and she politely interrogates the younger Bothan.

Meanwhile, Samman Opho makes a friend. A solitary Ugnaut tends to the fungus gardens.

Yil's child Em Ekbo is interested in the Jedi and their new ship. She is a light of enthusiasm in an otherwise tense location.

Fyor agrees to assist with repairing moisture vaporators that have been hidden among the canyon walls. These feed vital water back to the place. He finds out why the vaporators are damaged, as Tusken scouts take potshots at Fyor while he dangles high above the canyon floor.

Meanwhile, the Imperials continue to do …something… far above.



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