Orphans of The Light

Session Five: Who Lies Beneath

The morning after their arrival at the Place began with a bang. Then a boom. Then the entire cave tried to crush those taking refuge within. Seismic activity rolled through the cavern and rained deadly rocks onto its inhabitance. Through some amazing piloting and turbo laser work, the Jedi rescued an out-of-control ship and prevented it from crashing into the refugee camp.

The earthquakes weren't natural – something that the Empire was doing on the surface was sending tremors across Tatooine.

Meanwhile, the Place had a new, unwanted exit. On the back wall, where the fungus farms were located, there was a large whole into the larger cave network. Something came out of there and abducted Samman's surly Ugnaut friend. Cha Ffo asked the characters to investigate.

After following the tracks for more than a mile, the characters found themselves in a series of tombs. These seemed to have been carved for a civilization that lived beneath long-forgotten waters of Tatooine. Within one sacrophagus Fawn found an old sword that radiated power …and a desire for more power yet.

Exploration was cut short by sounds of skirmish. Further down the rows of tombs the characters discovered a Tusken camp, set up around a tiny pool, that was besieged by Imperial dwarf spider droids and probes. The Ugnaut had been forgotten when his captors engaged the larger threat. He was in rough shape but alive.

The characters dispatched the droids – but not before Adi broke her arm in an uncharacteristically bold move. Now the characters must decide how to handle the Tusken, the tombs, as well as the promise of more Imperials looking for their missing droids.




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