Episode I: Out of the Wilds

It is a time of Darkness. 

While THE GALACTIC EMPIRE subjugates the last remaining Core systems not under their tyrannical control, fledgling REBELLION GROUPS form to oppose their new oppressors. However, even the grasp of the Empire has its limits. On the fringes of the galaxy settlers and criminals hope to stay free yet another day. Beyond the rim, in uncharted WILDSPACE there are thousands of worlds where the next vital piece to this galactic war might hide….

Even Jedi take field trips.

Your instructor, Jedi Master Kai Gefa, decided that it was time for some of the padawans to leave the Temple on Coruscant and take "a journey to open the mind and see the Light in motion."

You and your fellow (mostly) excited students loaded up in a well-used Corellian Gozanti-class diplomatic cruiser and set off.  The eldest of those taking this trip was 13 cycles, with the rest between six and ten cycles. 

The journey was to an Outer Rim world and, just as cabin fever was setting in for the anxious padawans, all hell broke loose in (NAME). First an explosion, then your insides felt crumpled and smashed as the ship was wrenched brutally from hyperspace. Master Gefa managed to "land" the damaged cruiser on an uncharted world in an isolated system. Not all of your friends survived the explosion. 

The ship (which originally was only designated as G1130-JO-D) would never fly again. Its communication and sensor systems were damaged in numerous places, the propulsion systems mostly sheared off in reentry. Luckily, the jungle world that the teacher and his students had crashed upon had breathable atmosphere. 

After tending to the wounded and burying the dead, the lone Jedi and his students set about the job of survival. They patched up the ship ("Jodi" as it would come to be named) as a fortified home. The jungle, though it did not lack in food or water sources, also did not lack predators or other dangerous wildlife.

And, over time, this became your life. You still conducted lessons with Master Gefa in matters academic, practical, and of The Force. A pair of mostly intact protocol droids aboard Jodi were re-tasked with teaching languages, history, and other soft skills. Some of you had brought datapads from the Temple. One (or two?) of you may even have smuggled holocrons aboard – never realizing the full value until they became the only resource in learning techniques Master Gefa did/would not teach.

Ten years passed. Children became young adults. A small number of you did not survive the decade, and were mourned as lost family. Still, The Force provided, the jungle challenged, and you endured. Most of you were granted probationary Jedi Knight status, conditional upon review by The Council once you could return to Coruscant. Master Gefa never stopped transmitting emergency signals into the empty sky.

One day, someone answered your plea.

He arrived quietly in the night, far from Jodi's sensor net. Yet somehow Master Gefa knew. He spent a minute or two with each of you individually, then gave the eldest Knights a few terse instructions and disappeared into the jungle.

None of you witnessed Master Kai Gefa's last battle. It must have been one for the ages, as the saber-scarred rocks and sliced-bare trees demonstrated over the course of nearly a kilometer. When you finally found your teacher, your Master, your father in this isolated prison, he lay next to his killer. Both showed numerous shallow burns from lightsaber "scratches" and  the more fatal wounds that ended their duel. The trespasser's insignia on his black outfit was similar to that the Republic, but why would they assassinate a Jedi Master? Was this an enemy of the Jedi, in disguise?

It didn't take too long to find the trespasser's ship – a smaller freighter overhauled for combat duty – hiding in the jungle. It was not on security lockdown, surprisingly, as if its pilot did not expect to find anyone worth keeping out. When the onboard system proved stubborn about powering up, one of the more tech-savvy members of your contingent overcame this problem by overwriting the ship's systems with those of Jodi's. 

Now you have a ship. Your Master is gone, though his commitment to the Jedi, to the Force, and to each other remains strong. The Galaxy awaits your return.


Orphans of The Light

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