Orphans of The Light

Session 1: Gas & Go

In which our heroes light sabers and then burn rubber

In their time on Green Star, the idea of "evaluate, utilize, cooperate, survive" became instinctual to our heroes. In this manner they pushed away the cloud of emotions in leaving Green Star and blasted out of orbit.

Because of their location in uncharted Wildspace, the heroes could only rely on the previous series of jump coordinates to get back into the Outer Rim. Even the eldest of the Jedi felt dread in their souls as the stars stretched and the ship catapulted to light speed. Regardless of the decade since their crash, memories were all-too-fresh of their previous vessel being dumped, durasteel screaming and disintegrating, out of hyperspace.

When the Decimator failed to explode, the Jedi eventually got to work exploring their new ship. While the craft didn't give up its secrets easily (or entirely), they did find supplies, weapons, and most interestingly a supply of various uniforms. One person even found a handbook of sorts for "The Galactic Empire." Was this another breakaway from the Republic? How many civil wars must the Republic wage before all are united again?

It took several days to reach the final jump point in this series: a mostly abandoned cargo station above a rusted and radioactive manufacturing world. All signs pointed to a former Separatist unregistered military site. More importantly, there was a Republic cruiser on the far side of the planet. Or was it Republic? 

Regardless, the Decimator was running low on the gas, so the heroes docked at the station.

The Bothan and Nautolan entered the small, shabby "welcome area" of the port, found a bar, and then proceeded to get into a fight.

After that it was all fleeing and blasters, hacking terminals and hacking at docking clamps. Fyor lit his saber to both protect his friends and strike back at those who would endanger them. Fawn blocked their pursuer's from the gangplank as the Decimator pulled away from the station. 

Now they were back in space, fueled up and ready to go …somewhere. But wasn't there something about a Cruiser? And what are those spherical ships heading toward them?




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