Orphans of The Light

Bending the Light: Session 6

Addi's tale

What was I thinking! Protect the children that attacked me from a flying droid? That surge of adrenaline, the force bind… something strange about it. I'm not used to the power. But that power. But my arm is now broken, but Fawn has mended it for now.

But where is she going?! No time to yell out, just pick up a few of these explosives and off we go! Fawn is looking for something in a cage and the Tusken female is not moving no matter what Fawn is saying.  The bind. I should try again. No! Again, too strong. I don't want to hurt you, but my friend needs that cage for whatever reason and I'm not going to question now. We need to move and get out fast. Fawn is pulling me but my foot slips, I'm separated now as she and the cage move beyond the crowd of confused and angry Tuskens. I need to get back up and move.

FYOR! I'm not going to be much help, I need more healing. And there is a chieftain moving out to challenge Fyor to single combat. I hope something happens soon, Fyor will not back down because he's like a big brother to me, he wouldn't let anything happen to me. I know he blames himself for his sister's disappearance.

There's a roar, my ears! It must be Samman! So glad he's back with the group. What are these Tuskens looking toward?  Someone else is using the Force on them… Zaam?! Must be an illusion.  We're all getting powerful, but at what cost. We need a masters help. We are young and impatient. I see it in myself, in all of us. So Fyor and I run we make it back to the entrance.

What now, they all say. Into the cave and I hand out an explosive. Collapse the entrance! And we are back inside the network of tunnels.  Ah, some more healing for me and everyone is back on track.  Zaam seems to be upset at us for jumping into the fray, I cannot blame him.  Fawn's Geejaw as I think it's called helped her out and seems to already have bonded with her.  Such powers we have. 

Back up to the oldest tomb we go. Water… they were water people here. What happened, we can't tell but someone powerful with the dark side, must be. Wiped them out? Enslaved?  Samman is picking up the sword. I… he… he seems different, still coming from the light, but again, we are all drifting to the dark far more than we would under a master's tutelage.  This may not end well, but we let Samman keep the sword for now. We agree to go on into the tombs and use some charges to force through to the other side.  I'm getting pretty good with these charges!

Shell doors… more water themes. Older swords with crystals and tombs. A very light side of the Force was at work with these people. Fawn takes up the sword, but we hear someone coming. Zaam quickly circles around and scares the intruder. It's just Em and now she's crying. Good job, Zaam. We get her to calm down… well as much as she is calm.  Such a hyper kid. Then we're shocked, she heard singing, like Fawn did earlier. Is she Force sensitive? She must be! We follow the singing. The Force here feels different, more primal. Less of a light and dark side, something we don't know. Then Ems is talking in a different voice, "What they do on the surface will bring darkness to all". We're all mystified now. We need to get back to the ship, see what is going on. But we see in this tomb, a giant pearl and a mural of a Krayt dragon all around the room.  It was not visible in our normal lighting.  We start to take it, but think better of it.  We need to get back out of here.



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